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 Advanced Hand Rehab Testimonials

Tonya Benefield was in an automobile accident in October of 2016. She shattered her 
elbow and ended up with a contracture in two of her fingers.  A contracture is a condition where muscles, tendons or other tissue become shortened and hardened; often leading to deformity and rigidity of joints.  


Tonya had to undergo surgery on her elbow involving the use of several plates. Unfortunately, Tonya had a reaction to the metal, and they had to be removed. Consequently, her elbow became infected with cellulitis, which is a common bacterial skin infection that will cause the skin to appear red and swollen and feels hot and tender to the touch. Cellulitis can spread and become life threatening, so this was a very serious situation for Tonya.  


Since the accident, she has had five more surgical procedures completed on her elbow. This past week, Tonya received good news from her doctor that he believes the cellulitis is gone from her system.  


While on her path to recovery, Tanay worked with licensed occupational therapist, Heather Pantea. Heather says that she is doing well and has greatly improved her range of motion. She has now began her journey with physical therapy. "She is a trooper," said Heather of Tonya.  


“Advanced was the best physical therapy I ever had!”
Mary Lou , Grand Blanc Facility
“I tell everyone who needs physical therapy to use APTC.”
Wanda , Grand Blanc Facility
“I feel Clio is very lucky to have a business like APTC located here. Your staff is GREAT!”
Stevie, Clio Facility
“The best experience I have had at a medical facility. Amazing staff!”
Paige, Clio Facility
“The staff was more than courteous. They made me feel important and special. They encouraged and motivated me.”
Mac, Flint Facility
“The billing staff was very patient and considerate helping me to accomplish an out-of-network referral.”
Gerrie, Grand Blanc Facility
“My experience here was tremendous.”
Elizabeth, Clio Facility
“I want to thank you and your staff for making me a complete person again. Now that I can move like I used to, I’m in better shape then I was 10 to 15 years ago.”
Bob, Grand Blanc Facility
“Advanced is in my prayers every night…. It has truly been a God-send for me.”
Mary, Grand Blanc Facility
“I’ve been to several physical therapy specialists and companies.This has been the very best in all respects. I will always choose APTC.”
Rosemary, Clio Facility
“Your care has given me another lease on life. Thanks a million!”
William, Goodrich Facility
I cannot say enough about the wonderful treatment I was given and how much better I am feeling. I will highly recommend APTC to everyone.”
Patricia, Clio Facility
“They treated me like a queen!”
Vera, Clio Facility
“If given a choice of where to have P.T., this is my choice!”
Barbara, Flint Facility
“I would recommend APTC to any of my patients.”
Harry, Grand Blanc Facility
“I was really worried about regaining my range of motion and I’m thrilled to have 100%. APTC is the best ever!”

Marcia, Goodrich Facility

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